How it works is a website to help people get reasonable quotes from haulage companies & couriers passing their door, it helps haulage companies & couriers to get work by filling backloads.

Need to move something?

You may have bought something online and don't want to make the long journey to collect; or perhaps you don't have the correct vehicle to transport the goods. Simply advertise your item to move and let haulage companies and couriers contact you directly OR check the haulage route page on the website and see who's passing your way.

Haulage Operators & Couriers

Haulage operators can check the list of backloads that need to be moved to see if there are any loads that suit their route. Alternatively haulage companies and couriers can advertise their next trip and let people contact them directly. 

Behind the scenes

I served my time as a block layer and qualified in 2002. I spent the next few years working as a block layer and general construction work. I purchased an artic for moving my own machinery and when construction went quiet I began to pick up wore work in the haulage business. The idea of came to me during a trip to Dublin. I was back on the Naas road at 9am hitting the long road to west Clare with the usual ‘empty back load’. I often hear people complaining about ‘empty back loads’ so I decided to do something about it. We launched this website in June 2011 and I have full confidence that it will provide a welcome service to couriers and haulage companies around the country as well as for people looking to get reasonable quotes from couriers and haulage companies  'going their way'

If you have any feedback or problems using this website please email me on or call 086 1690702

NOTE: All operators engaged in haulage for hire or reward using a vehicle that has a maximum laden weight over 3500 kg must be licensed, i.e. they must hold a Road Haulage Operator's Licence, and any such vehicle operated must be authorised on that licence.  Under the Road Transport Act 2011, there are very substantial penalties both for engaging in unlicensed haulage and for engaging the services of an unlicensed haulage operator.  The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport maintains a list of all currently licensed haulage operators and their authorised vehicles.  You can check whether a haulage operator is licensed, or whether a particular vehicle is authorised.